We Live In A Crazy Age!

An age, where our scientific prowess has far exceeded the spiritual one. The result is, we now inhabit a world which has an abundance of guided missiles and misguided men, men who believe in out-rightly denying and condemning the legitimacy of others perspective simply because it disagrees with theirs.

Omar Bradley, a world War II veteran had once lamented:  ” Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.” A world where many without proper awareness of the real situation wield power; a world where people insist on attempting to blame the victims for their own predicament. A world in which representation of truth is more important than truth itself, where wars that will destroy millions of lives and future generations are built upon pretexts full of intentional vagueness and dubious videos manufactured by paid actors on television who merely masquerade as journalists.

The word ‘free press’ is a joke.

Only when this situation is rectified can we begin to work towards a true and lasting peace.

In such a scenario, all voices of reason and rationale deserves to be heard for they are our only choice for living in a truly civilized, secure and sane society.

Hence, this site is an effort to put across the things that we believe in…for the whole world to see!

We stand for the equal respect to all religions but are opposed to the cynical manipulation of faith in the pursuit of power.

The riots that simmer in the minds of the people, can sometimes be prevented by responsible and honest information and dialogue, but eventually the onus lies on the unbiased governments and humane law enforcement agencies.

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